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Why Farmland?

Farmland has proven to be one of the most stable asset classes over the past few decades and one of the highest yielding asset classes on a risk-return basis. Farmland is uncorrelated with virtually every other mainstream asset class, and it has proven to perform well during economic recessions.

We believe farmland is a bond-like equity investment product that offers investors upside potential while also mitigating downside risks, and we think it is suitable for almost any portfolio.

Farmland in Your Portfolio

Farmland offers compelling potential to enhance risk-adjusted returns of a traditional stocks and bonds portfolio, based on low correlations with other asset classes, and serve as an inflation hedge.

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43%3%54%StocksBondsFarmland8.74%Average Annual Total Returns2.98%Standard Deviation7.00%Average Annual Total Returns3.47%Standard DeviationAdding Only FarmlandPortfolio Allocation ComparisonSource:Nuveen, LLC. Analysis is based on mean-variance optimization of historical returns (1992-2016) and is intended for illustration purposes only and should not be considered investment recommendations. 31%3%66%Real EstateStocksBondsAdding Only Real Estate6.49%Average Annual Total Returns4.28%Standard Deviation100% Traditional PortfolioStocksBonds11%89%

Farmland Is Becoming an Increasingly Important Portfolio Addition For Institutions And Foreign Investors

Now It’s Your Turn!

Structural tailwinds, such as a rapidly growing population, improving diets, and a decreasing supply in farmland have led institutions and foreign investors to significantly increase their allocations to farmland over the last 12 years.

Why FarmTogether?

Top-Tier Investments
Top-Tier Investments

Access to an emerging asset class from managers with institutional experience with commitments as low as $10,000.

Carefully Curated Opportunities
Carefully Curated Opportunities

Our experienced team selects fewer than 1 of every 100 properties we see - we bring only the very best properties onto our platform.

Competitive Returns
Competitive Returns

We target opportunities which yield 8-15% returns with 3-9% cash yields - all net of fees.

Key Partnerships
Key Partnerships

We partner with Farmland Opportunity - a manager with over $400M under management and 10+ years of strong track record in over 90,000 acres of US row crop farmland.

Free Farmland Investing White Paper

How does farmland investing differ from real estate? How does farmland generate returns? What are the ways to invest in farmland? Who should invest in farmland? What are the risks? Find all answers in our free introduction to farmland investing in our white paper.