Access a new asset class.
Invest in farmland.

FarmTogether is a technology-enabled farmland investment platform
that allows direct ownership of institutional quality farmland.

Why Farmland?

  • Real Long-Term Growth

    US farmland has seen low volatility and very attractive returns of 10.5% a year over the last 45 years.

  • Diversification

    Farmland exhibits low correlation to mainstream asset classes and performs well as inflation rises.

  • Real Asset Ownership

    As a real asset, farmland can provide intrinsic value appreciation and bond-like annual income.

  • Inflation Protection

    Farmland performs well during periods of high inflation, unlike common stocks and bonds.

  • Long-term tailwinds

    Farmland is driven by population growth and consistent increase in resource consumption.

  • Investment Impact

    We partner with farmers to help them maximize yields and grow their operations and income.

Invest to build wealth

Starting investment


Yearly deposit

  • US Farmland We used 10% average nominal yearly returns as an expected return on farmland. This is in line with historical 10.27% returns in 1970-2016 or real expected returns of 7-9% + long-term inflation of 2.30%. 10-year inflation was taken from Philadelphia’s Federal Reserve Bank’s website as of May 24th, 2018  Source
  • JP Morgan 60/40 stock/bond portfolio Based on JP Morgan’s LCTMA 2018 White Paper. Returns show 2018 expected long-term returns for a 60/40 portfolio where 60% is stocks and 40% bonds.  Source
  • 30 year US treasuries yield 30-year US treasuries yield, taken as of 24 May 2018 from Most savings and CD accounts offer lower rates than US treasuries.

Farmland vs. Other Asset Classes
From 1992 to 2016

Farmland - NCREIF
Stocks - Russell 3000
Bonds - Barclays US Aggregate
Real Estate - NCREIF
Timberland - NCREIF
Public REITs
Agri Commodities - GSCI Agriculture
Avg. Annual Return 11.98% 8.78% 6.07% 8.68% 10.34% 12.89% -0.25%
Risk (Std. Deviation) 6.9% 17% 4.27% 8.4% 9.94% 20.47% 19.96%
Sharpe Ratio* 1.32 0.35 0.75 0.69 0.75 0.49 -0.16
Correlation with Farmland 0.03 -0.41 0.39 0.2 -0.04 0.02

* Sharpe ratio is a common metric used by professional investors to gauge returns relative to risk. Higher Sharpe ratios are preferred to lower, all else being equal. Source

Why FarmTogether?

We radically simplify and make traditional farmland investing more accessible. We are advocates of our investors' capital and are devoted to offering more transparent and efficient ownership of institutional quality farmland.

  • Experienced Team

    Our team brings a unique combination of farmland investing and technology expertise.

  • Unique Technology

    We leverage technology to scale efficiently and lower the cost of investing, allowing us to operate with lower fees than our traditional peers.

  • Better Economics (Lower fees)

    Our fees are low and straightforward, with nothing hidden. We charge a one-time, 1% fee on capital invested, and 20% of the gross rental income every year. That's all.

  • Modest Transaction Size

    Investing in farmland often means writing big checks. FarmTogether allows fractional ownership of individual properties without having to make sizable concentrated commitments.


Our team brings a unique combination of farmland investing and technology expertise. Collectivelly, we bring over 20 years of food and agriculture investment experience in US and globally. We meticulously review all investment opportunities and only pursue the properties we find attractive. We then partner with top quality local farmland operators to manage the land.

The idea of FarmTogether was born out of our personal and professional frustration with the complexities and hurdles associated with investing into farmland. Firmly believing that farmland is a safe, stable and attractive long-term investment for everyone, our mission is to radically democratize farmland investing.

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