Sole Ownership Bespoke Offerings

Our Bespoke Program allows investors to render sole ownership of a farm of their choice. An investor can think of this as a separately managed account.

Bespoke Overview

iFarmland sourced for investors who seek sole ownership.
ii$3,000,000+ in equity.
iiiFlexible legal, tax, and capital structure.
ivInvestor has sole discretion over hold period and risk-return profile.
vLow fees aligned with the deal structure.
viEligible for 1031 Exchanges.
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Investments Tailored to Your Needs

Work 1:1 with a dedicated investment representative to identify a property that meets your desired characteristics and investment objectives.

We Analyze Billions of Dollars Worth of Deals on Your Behalf

Access high-quality farmland sourced, vetted, and managed by FarmTogether’s team of experts.

Step 1

Introductory Call

We’ll work with you to identify your target criteria, to include: desired deal size, leverage, hold period, target returns, early income, high yield, diversification, and other special preferences.

Step 2

Preliminary Investment Recommendation

Our investment team will work to identify and provide preliminary investment recommendations (PIRs) for properties that fit your desired criteria.

Step 3

Feedback Loop

You’ll provide us with feedback on our presented deals. If these propertie(s) fit your desired criteria, we’ll begin deeper due diligence. If they do not, we’ll refine our search based on your feedback.

Step 4

Deal Selection

Upon identifying a property that you would like to pursue, our team will submit a letter of intent on behalf of you. If the LOI is mutually accepted, we’ll submit a deposit and begin confirmatory due diligence.

Step 5

Confirmatory Due Diligence

Confirmatory due diligence typically takes 30-45 days; this includes water tests, soil tests, tree health tests, and more. If the property passes, we will look to close escrow and transfer title.

Step 6

Property Management & Performance

Our team will provide the ongoing management and monitoring of the property, as well as all accounting, distributions, and the preparation and timely issuance of any pertinent tax documents.

Distinguishing Factors

A unique opportunity for investors seeking sole ownership of high-quality farmland.

  • Customization
    High level of customization and flexibility to accommodate client-specific preferences regarding the investment profile.
  • Expertise
    A team of investment professionals, asset managers, and operators with extensive farmland investing and management experience.
  • Support
    Personalized support throughout the entire process to ensure an efficient, enjoyable, and tailored experience from start to finish.
  • Access
    Access to a diverse range of high-quality farmland opportunities across the U.S. due to our connections, partnerships, and proprietary sourcing technology.

Ready to Begin?

Schedule an introductory call with one of our investment professionals to begin the process of sourcing a property that meets your needs. Looking to learn more about FarmTogether first? Check out Why FarmTogether.

Why FarmTogether