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Our Learning Center was created with the intention of helping investors better understand the landscape for what makes farmland investing a favorable and attractive long-term strategy.



  • Introduction to Farmland Investing

    Introduction to Farmland Investing

    In this paper, we seek to provide a general understanding of farmland as an asset class and highlight the various financial characteristics that make it a compelling addition to investors’ portfolios.

  • Is Farmland A Good Investment In a Recession?

    Is Farmland A Good Investment In a Recession?

    In this paper, we look into four US recessions and explore how farmland performed: the Great Financial Crisis in the late 00s, the Dotcom Bubble at the turn of the century, the 1980s Recession, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • California: An Agricultural Powerhouse

    California: An Agricultural Powerhouse

    In this paper, we analyze California’s value in the agricultural sector, investigate concerns facing the industry, and explore what is being done today to ensure California’s long-term position as an agricultural powerhouse.

  • Farmland: A Historically Stable Asset During Uncertain Times

    Farmland: A Historically Stable Asset During Uncertain Times

    In this paper, we examine the performance of several major asset classes since the onset of COVID-19 and break down the unique characteristics that continue to make farmland a historically reliable store of value.

  • Downside Protection: A Case Study of Farmland Performance

    Downside Protection: A Case Study of Farmland Performance

    In an era of heightened macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainty, farmland may offer investors counter-cyclical exposure and downside protection for their portfolios.

  • FarmTogether Overview

    FarmTogether Overview

    FarmTogether leverages technology and data science to tap into both high-quality permanent and row crop farmland opportunities across the United States.

  • Sustainable Farmland Fund, LP Overview

    Sustainable Farmland Fund, LP Overview

    Diversified exposure to a portfolio of institutional-grade sustainable farmland through a single allocation.

  • Crowdfunded Offerings Overview

    Crowdfunded Offerings Overview

    Fractional farmland ownership for accredited investors via FarmTogether’s all-in-one digital platform.

  • Bespoke Offerings Overview

    Bespoke Offerings Overview

    Allows investors to render sole ownership of a farm of their choice; investors can think of this as a separately managed account.

  • Tenancy In Common Offerings (TICs) Overview

    Tenancy In Common Offerings (TICs) Overview

    A form of real property co-ownership in which two or more investors share an ownership interest in one of our farmland offerings.

  • Facilitating 1031 Exchanges in Farmland Overview

    Facilitating 1031 Exchanges in Farmland Overview

    Swap an existing investment property with farmland – a like-kind replacement property – or invest in a real property interest to enable tax savings.

  • Row Crops Overview

    Row Crops Overview

    Row crops consist of traditional commodities, including corn and soybeans. These annual crops are planted, grown, and harvested on 6 - 12 month cycles.

  • Permanent Crops Overview

    Permanent Crops Overview

    Permanent crops are perennial trees, bushes, and vines with 20+ years of productive lives, such as almonds, apples,  hazelnuts, lemons, oranges, pistachios, and wine grapes.


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    Alternative Investments: 3 Compelling Ideas

    Hedgeye "Real Conversation" webcast with FarmTogether Founder, Artem Milinchuk

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    The Best-Performing Asset Class for the Last 30 Years

    Making Money with Matt McCall Podcast

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    Is Farmland A Good Investment?

    Farmland investments can add value by diversifying an investment portfolio. They can offer stability, diversification, and can safeguard against inflation.

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    The Role of Real Assets In A Portfolio

    Unlike financial assets, real assets have intrinsic value that is derived from their physical qualities. These qualities allows real assets to preserve long-term value - especially during inflationary periods - better than other assets.

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