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Rocket Dollar’s goal is to empower all Americans to unlock their IRA retirement funds to invest what they know best and not just stocks and bonds.

Partner’s Highlights

  • 5 types of alternative assets classes available to Rocket Dollar account holders

  • No minimum opening deposit

Why Rocket Dollar?

Rocket Dollar account holders have the power to invest in any asset class allowed by the IRS. Invest securely and easily in Farmland, Real Estate, Startups, and more. Getting started with Rocket Dollar is easy. Read how it works.

  • Access to wide range of assets

    Our team has created a process that makes it fast and straightforward for anyone to create, fund, and invest in virtually any permissible assets they wish with their retirement savings, with no penalties associated with early withdrawals.
  • Transparent fees

    Rocket Dollar charges a flat upfront fee of $360 to establish a new account and $15 per month for our Core product's on-going compliance. Unlike our competition, we decided to make our pricing transparent and straightforward.

  • Variety of retirement accounts

    Rocket Dollar offers two main products: a Self-Directed IRA and a Self-Directed Solo 401(k). We set up a variety of Self-Directed IRAs including Roth, Traditional, SEP, and Inherited.

“The supply & demand story for farm, timber & physical resources is driving lots of interest in this space. We’ve heard from many investors who are excited to invest tax-advantaged into the growing Ag world and FarmTogether makes this easier than ever.”


Mark Peck

Director of Business Development, Rocket Dollar

Let’s Grow Together

FarmTogether is looking for partners who align with our values and are ready to bring high-quality farmland directly to investors.