Alto IRA

Alto IRA

We’ve partnered with Alto IRA, a modern provider of IRAs for alternative investments. Alto enables you to invest in FarmTogether while protecting the tax-advantaged status of your qualified funds.

Tax Advantaged Investing

  • Choose your investments

    Invest in any offering on FarmTogether using tax-advantaged retirement funds. Link your Alto IRA account, or sign up and roll funds from your existing retirement account into Alto.

    Check out this step-by-step guide to learn how to use your AltoIRA to invest on FarmTogether.

  • Simplify alternative investments in IRAs

    Historically, investing in alternative assets, such as farmland, from an IRA account was a tedious process burdened by red tape. With modern technologies and process automation, Alto does away with exorbitant administrative fees, fax machines, and going to the bank to send wire transfers.

  • Reinvest your cash yields

    Income generated from your FarmTogether investments is automatically returned to your IRA. Reinvest this cash in other offerings, or roll it back to your primary retirement account.

  • Tax-advantaged growth

    When your investment comes to term, funds are returned to your Alto IRA and maintain their tax-advantaged status. Reinvest those profits in another FarmTogether offering, or roll them into another retirement account.

Alto is thrilled to let everyone invest their retirement money in US farmland on FarmTogether.

Eric Satz
CEO, Alto

Let’s Grow Together

FarmTogether is looking for partners who align with our values and are ready to bring institutional-grade farmland directly to investors.