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Access high-quality farmland through a variety of channels, curated to fit a range of investor needs.

FarmTogether Product Matrix

Crowdfunded Farmland Offerings
Sustainable Farmland Fund
Tenancy In Common Offerings
Sole Ownership Bespoke Offerings
Separately Managed Accounts


Accreditation RequiredAccreditation and US Person Status RequiredAccreditation RequiredUS Person Status May Be RequiredUS Person Status May Be Required

Minimum Investment

$15K$50K for Class A, $5M for Class I$500K$3M$20M


Fractional ownership, self-serve investmentPrivate evergreen fund structureFractional ownershipSole ownershipSole ownership; multi-asset portfolio

Client Asset Discretion



NoneNoneNoneFully customizable capital structure and risk-return profileFully customizable capital structure and risk-return profile


6-13% Target Net IRR, 2-9% Target Net Cash Yield8-10% Target Net IRR, 4-6% Target Annual Net Distribution6-13% Target Net IRR, 2-9% Target Net Cash YieldSole discretion of investorSole discretion of investor

Hold Period

8-12 years2-year lock-up period8-12 yearsCustomCustom


Dependent on product offeringDependent on product offeringDependent on product offeringCustom fees aligned with the deal structureCustom fees aligned with the deal structure

1031 Exchange Eligibility

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1031 Exchanges in Farmland

Our 1031 Exchange Program enables investors to either swap one investment property with farmland—a like-kind replacement property—or invest in a real property interest to enable tax savings at the time of sale.

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Track Your Investment

FarmTogether ensures hassle-free investment services, including farmland portfolio performance, accounting, and tax reporting.

Monitor Your Investment

Our investors have secure access to documents and investment performance, including projected and actual payout comparisons, distributions history, historical distributions, and K-1 tax forms.

Investment Method of Your Choosing

We support investments made via individual entities, self-directed IRAs, corporations, LLCs and other vehicles.


*The information set forth in this chart does not depict the actual performance of any FarmTogether portfolio or property and is provided solely to demonstrate how the FarmTogether portal provides information to investors in FarmTogether properties.

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High-Quality Farmland Investments

Access a diverse range of investment opportunities that can offer competitive returns - all net of fees:

6 - 13%

Target Net IRR

2 - 9%

Target Net Cash Yield

Generate Passive Income

Farmland can generate income from crops and land value appreciation.

Payouts from Farmland Operations

FarmTogether partners with local operators, negotiates service agreements, and ensures sustainable farmland practices to provide investment opportunities with the potential for long-term income generation.

Returns from Sale

FarmTogether’s investment team is well-positioned to sell farmland at competitive prices and maximize investors' returns at the end of the holding period.

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