March 26, 2020

FarmTogether Welcomes Richie Prager as our Advisor & Board Observer

by Artem Milinchuk

Founder & Head of Strategy

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FarmTogether Welcomes Richie Prager as our Advisor & Board Observer
FarmTogether's El Nido Almond Orchard - Crowdfunding Property
FarmTogether is excited to announce that we have added Richie Prager as our advisor and Board Observer.
Richie Prager, Former Global Head of Trading and Liquidity Strategies at BlackRock

Richie Prager is an entrepreneur focused on FinTech, Data, and Real Estate. Prior to joining the MarketAxess Board and becoming a Senior Advisor for Tresata, Richie enjoyed a 38 year career in Finance having worked on the buy and sell side in New York, London, Sydney and Charlotte. Richie spent the last decade with BlackRock, most recently as Senior Managing Director, Global Head of Trading and Liquidity Strategies and as a member of the Global Executives Committee.  Richie was always interested in developing new markets, market structure, data and technology. Above all, Richie believes it is the people who matter. Richie received his BS in Zoology from Duke University.  

Mr. Prager released the following statement:  

As the former head of Trading and Liquidity Strategies at BlackRock, I see tremendous potential to develop an important new defensible asset class – Farmland. FarmTogether’s mission is to provide institutional and retail investors with greater access and options to invest in farmland while providing farmers and farmland owners access to cheaper and more flexible sources of capital. Artem and his team have the vision, the right skills, as well as boundless energy and passion for this new asset class and I, am excited to aid them in bringing their vision to fruition.
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