June 05, 2020

FarmTogether Welcomes Two New Additions to the Team

by Sara Wensley

Director, Growth and Marketing

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FarmTogether Welcomes Two New Additions to the Team
FarmTogether's Rinehart Farm - Crowdfunding Property
FarmTogether is excited to announce the addition of two new team members! We welcome Sara Spaventa as our Growth & Marketing Director, and David Perez as an Investment Associate.

FarmTogether is excited to announce the addition of two new team members. We welcome Sara Spaventa as our Growth & Marketing Director, and David Perez as an Investment Associate.

Sara joins the team with over 7 years of marketing experience under her belt. She specializes in developing and scaling growth-driven programs at early and mid stage companies.

Sara Spaventa, Growth & Marketing Director, FarmTogether

Sara was most recently leading growth and acquisition at AngelList. Prior to that, she was leading Demand Generation at Thanx, a Sequoia-backed venture. She began her career several years back at EvoNexus, Southern California’s leading startup technology incubator; EvoNexus has since expanded to Silicon Valley, where FarmTogether recently joined their FinTech Incubator backed by global asset manager Franklin Templeton.

Sara holds an MSc in Marketing with distinction honors from one of the UK’s top business programs, Durham University Business School, and a BAS in Psychology Magna Cum Laude from the University of California, San Diego. Sara played collegiate soccer during her undergraduate studies, as well as abroad during her graduate studies.

“I am excited to welcome Sara to the team! Sara brings a wealth of passion and expertise in marketing, growth, and brand-building as well as experience working for dynamic startups backed by top VCs like Sequoia. Right before FarmTogether Sara was at AngelList, widely known for democratizing startup investing. I am confident Sara can help us accelerate on the mission of democratizing farmland investing as well.” - Artem Milinchuk (Founder & CEO)

David joins the team with over 5 years of experience in operations, finance and IT. Prior to joining FarmTogether, David was a Strategy & Marketing Intern at AgReserves (considered one of America’s largest private farmland owners and operators) for the Permanent Plantings Division. Prior to that, he worked at Cargill, where he was responsible for the global poultry operations’ data analytics. He previously worked at H.B. Fuller.

David Perez, Investment Associate, FarmTogether

David holds an MBA from the Marriott School of Business, and a BS in Information Systems from the Latin American University of Science and Technology.

“David initially started with us as an MBA intern in fall 2019 and immediately impressed us with the dedication and commitment to his work. David has both US and international experience with farmland & agriculture and has worked for one of the oldest and largest farmland investors in the US. David adds to our strong institutional investment team and we are grateful to have David on board”.  - Artem Milinchuk (Founder)
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