February 13, 2024

FarmTogether Unveils New Website

by Sara Wensley

Director, Growth and Marketing

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FarmTogether Unveils New Website
We're thrilled to announce our new website and strategic rebrand, showcasing a refreshed look that embodies our firm's evolution.

We are thrilled to announce FarmTogether's refreshed brand, reflecting our continued expansion into the $3.3 trillion farmland market. FarmTogether’s strategic rebranding introduces a sleek, sophisticated look meticulously designed to highlight our evolution and long-term focus on natural assets.

New Website

Central to the rebrand is the redesign of the FarmTogether website, where a new color palette and new fonts seamlessly integrate to align with the preferences of our evolving client base, spanning individual investors, family offices, financial advisors, and institutional investors who seek a balance between tradition and innovation in their investment decisions.

“The firm has grown and evolved substantially since our first deal launched back in 2019. Core to this growth was the expansion of our investment solutions, aimed at increasing farmland’s widespread adoption and accessibility amongst multiple groups of investors,” said Sara Wensley, FarmTogether Director of Growth & Marketing. “Our rebranding was an important and exciting step towards ensuring that we are meeting the needs and expectations of our growing investor base.”

New Color Palette

Moving away from the modern, vibrant colors used previously, we conducted a comprehensive overhaul of our color palette, now embracing simple, yet bold natural tones, like green and blue. The decision to focus on earth tones signifies the essence of our portfolio; the deep greens used in the logo and across the site mirror the firm’s deep expertise in permanent cropland, spanning apple orchards, wine grape vineyards, and citrus groves. The addition of orange in the FarmTogether logo, a variation of our original yellow, represents the sun while reflecting our evolution. Simultaneously, the sand-colored background and blue accents across the site intentionally emulate natural resources.

New Fonts

The visual transformation extends to our font selection, where Barlow Condensed and PT Serif blend to represent our unique approach to investing. Barlow Condensed brings a modern feel reflective of our creative capital solutions, while PT Serif imparts stability and familiarity, a nod to the firm’s disciplined investment philosophy and boots-on-the-ground core.  

We believe our new brand underscores the growth we’ve experienced since inception and reflects the evolving needs and preferences of our clients. FarmTogether invites investors to explore the new website at FarmTogether.com and experience the rebrand firsthand.

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