100% Of FarmTogether’s Portfolio Achieves Sustainability Certification

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100% Of FarmTogether’s Portfolio Achieves Sustainability Certification
FarmTogether's Sierra Foothills Pistachio Orchard - Crowdfunding Property

FarmTogether is committed to being an effective steward of farmland, enabling investors to positively impact future food supply and the planet for decades to come.

FarmTogether, a fast-growing farmland investment manager powered by cutting-edge tech, today announced that its full portfolio has been certified through Leading Harvest’s Farmland Management Standard, an innovative certification aimed at driving agriculture toward sustainable practices at a large scale across the US.

The certification of FarmTogether’s portfolio, spanning nearly 40 properties across six states and 13 crops, was conducted by an independent auditor, Averum, and completed in December. FarmTogether was required to demonstrate compliance with 13 farmland sustainability metrics, ranging from soil and water health to larger impacts on climate change, with measurable environmental outcomes. These critical metrics serve as the bedrock of  FarmTogether’s overall farmland management approach for all current and future properties.  

“From our first meeting, FarmTogether’s entire team was enthusiastic and focused on achieving a successful certification,” said Matt Armstrong, Lead Auditor for FarmTogether’s properties. “FarmTogether proves that even growing groups can integrate the Leading Harvest Farmland Management Standard extremely well.”

FarmTogether recognizes the growing importance of agriculture and its impact on the environment, as well as the increasing demand for environmental, social, and governance principles among investors. This certification will enable both operators and investors to not only maximize yields and earn stronger returns through sustainably reinforced land, but to also positively impact the planet and future food supply.

“As the world grapples with a rapidly growing population, at the same time that our changing climate is threatening our natural resources, the farms of the future will need to produce up to 70% more food while using less land than before,” said David Chan, FarmTogether COO. “There’s one clear solution: sustainable farmland management. Working hand-in-hand with our investors and our farmers, FarmTogether has committed to being effective stewards of the land for decades to come.”


Interested in learning more about FarmTogether's commitment to funding sustainable and prosperous farming? Check out our ESG page.


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Rebecca Bauer
Senior PR & Communications Manager
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