FarmTogether selects best opportunities

  • We meticulously review and analyze hundreds of properties
  • During our due diligence, we thoroughly analyze productivity, water, soil, weather, farm’s potential for improvements, local crop markets, operator’s experience, and any other factors that are important to the opportunity
  • We select only the best and most promising investment opportunities
  • Each property is then registered as an LLC


On our platform, you purchase shares of that LLC,
therefore becoming a fractional owner of the farm

Our online investment process is so easy! Become
an owner of farmland in just a few minutes

Management and Operation

  • On behalf of our investors, we take on the role of the administrator and farm manager. You can rest assured that everything is taken care of, without burdening you. We’ll make sure your land is taken care of and potentially improved for better productivity
  • Our farmers typically pay cash rent in advance of the planting season, so investors typically do not bear any crop or weather-related risks that year
  • We select and work with the best operators for your farm. You’ll be kept informed about what is happening on the farm, with detailed information available at your fingertips
  • Under cash rent leases, farmers pay all the input costs (seed, fertilizer, etc). From the lease payments, we’ll take care of property taxes, insurance, and other landowner expenses
  • We collaborate with our farmers on implementing the best farming and sustainability practices, using the latest technology and providing educational support. We closely monitor their operations and test the soils to make sure fertility is maintained and improved. Together with the operators, we’ll make sure any on-farm storage and buildings are maintained, even adding or removing structures as necessary
  • The net “dividend” payout to farm owners happens in March/April and sometimes also in November/December depending on the structure of the lease.

Dividend payments

We expect 3%-6% in cash yield in addition to the
expected annual property value appreciation

All required tax documents will be provided in the first quarter
of the following year. Because the LLC is a pass-through entity,
no federal income taxes will be deducted from your
earnings before distribution

Selling your land

Investors have the option of holding the ownership of their
land until the subject farm is sold and proceeds distributed
among the investors (5-10 years depending on the deal)

Alternatively, investors will have an option to sell their land
on the FarmTogether marketplace that is being developed
and expected to go live in 2020

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