TriNut Farms

TriNut Farms

TriNut Farms is a family-owned vertically integrated farmland operator. TriNut specializes in nut trees since the 1980s. Operations include growing, harvesting, and marketing.

Partner’s Highlights

  • Over 30 years of combined agricultural experience, operating since the 1980s;

  • TriNut manages and operates over 4,000 acres of farmland with almonds and other nut trees;

Sourcing & Underwriting

TriNut leverages the extensive network of landowners, brokers, farming professionals, and 30 years of business expertise to source optimal investment-grade risk-adjusted farmland that can benefit from TriNut’s operational scale resulting in lower costs for investors. When a potential investment opportunity identified, TriNut team performs initial due diligence.
  • Initial Due Diligence

    The review is a collaborative effort between FarmTogether Farmland Director, TriNut management, and seller. Key investment considerations include, but are not limited to, the location, soil quality, water rights, maturity of the trees, tillable acreage, among other factors. TriNut keeps a close look at land valuation and employs a value-driven approach to underwriting and due diligence, including a rigorous evaluation of the risk-adjusted returns profile of the opportunity and the appropriate pricing and structure for the prospective investment.

  • Screening and Risk Management

    TriNut validates its internal determination of value with an independent, third-party appraisal to ensure that its assessment is balanced and comprehensive. Together with FarmTogether senior team, TriNut assesses sensitivities to potential changes in asset performance, global and local crop markets, climate change, and farmland capital markets.

  • Investment Closing

    TriNut works with outside legal counsel to complete legal due diligence, including title and insurance review. TriNut engages industry-recognized third-party vendors to prepare an engineering, environmental, and insurance review and documentation, among other areas of engagement. A member of FarmTogether investment team visits the property.

  • Farmland Management

    TriNut asset management team is responsible for the ongoing farmland management and monitoring of all of the farmland investments through FarmTogether.

FarmTogether helped us to expand operations and leverage outside the capital. The level of support is unmatched. FarmTogether is the only platform that solves for our needs.
Nav Athwal
Principal, TriNut

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