Nabers Group

Nabers Group

If you work for yourself, the Solo 401k from Nabers Group provides more investment options, the highest contribution limits, and the lowest fees of any fully self-directed retirement plan.
Partner’s Highlights
  • A+ Better Business Bureau Accredited business
  • Lifetime customer support to the accountholders

Why Nabers Group?

Founded by Jeff Nabers in 2006, Nabers Group and Solo401k have long been industry leaders for the self-directed retirement community.

Nabers Group was the first non-custodial document provider in the industry and has helped thousands of self-directed investors take control of their retirement future. CEO Jeff Nabers was instrumental in the development of the Solo 401k, meeting regularly with IRS and Dept of Labor lawmakers during and after the passing of the Pension Protection Act of 2006 which brought the Solo 401k into existence.

  • Nabers Group plans have 100% IRS-approval rate

    After spending almost a million dollars on research and development to create a one-of-a-kind revolutionary Solo 401k software, Nabers Group can deliver IRS-approved 401k plans to our clients faster than anyone else in the marketplace and for the lowest price on the planet.
  • White glove service

    Authenticity and integrity are the foundational pillars of the Nabers Group community. Each Nabers Group team member has and invests with his own Solo 401k plan. That means when you call our team with a question about your plan, you’ll get an answer from someone who has gone through the exact same process as you, and who continues to use his Solo 401k to grow his retirement nest egg.
  • Professional Network

    Our mission is to provide the most efficient, supportive and compliant process to our accountholders in getting their retirement account structure established so they can begin investing. We have a vast network of resources available to our clients, including banks and bankers, CPAs, tax experts, non-recourse lenders, real estate experts, crypto veterans and more so our clients are well-supported in moving toward your wealth goals.
  • Flexibility

    We pride ourselves on providing the most flexible Solo 401k plan on the planet. You can invest in what you want, and when you want. There are no minimums to open or use your plan. You can contribute on your own schedule. You can change your adopting employer, or plan trustees at any time. All without any hidden fees ever.

Nabers Group is excited to empower retirement plan investors to access farmland investments on FarmTogether!

Jeff Nabers
CEO, Nabers Group

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