Fruitful Partnerships are Powerful

FarmTogether brings long-term farmland investment opportunities to investors. Building strong, long-lasting relationships is the core to our mission. FarmTogether builds successful partnerships with other companies in the agricultural and tech industries. We’re adding immense and mutual value to our partners.

Depending on your goals and type of organization, we may be able to partner. Please contact us for further details.

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Agricultural Partnerships

TriNut Farms logo

TriNut Farms

TriNut Farms is a family-owned vertically integrated farmland operator. TriNut has specialized in tree nut farming since the 1980s.

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Become a Partner

FarmTogether is looking for partners who are ready to bring investment-grade farmland direct ownership to investors.

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Green Leaf Farms, Inc. logo

Green Leaf Farms, Inc.

Green Leaf Farms provides management and leasing for investors since 1972 with focus on orchard development and management.

Tillable logo


Tillable works to bring balance to the farming industry, by assuring rental agreements are fair to landowners and farmers alike.

Dellavalle Ag. Laboratory logo

Dellavalle Ag. Laboratory

Dellavalle specializes in analyzing: soils, plant tissues, irrigation, influent waters, composts and fertilizers, serving clients worldwide.

Farmland Opportunity logo

Farmland Opportunity

Farmland Opportunity sources high quality, consistently productive, row crop farmland located in the United States.

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Leading Harvest logo

Leading Harvest

Leading Harvest is a new nonprofit organization at the vanguard of sustainable agriculture.

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Financial Institutions

Nabers Group logo

Nabers Group

The Solo 401k from Nabers Group provides more investment options, the highest contribution limits, and the lowest fees.

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PENSCO is a leading Self-Directed IRA custodian, helping clients hold alternative assets in IRAs since 1989.

Quest Trust Company logo

Quest Trust Company

Quest Trust Company is a self-directed IRA that permits the account owner to invest their IRA in what they know best.

Alto IRA logo

Alto IRA

Alto delivers an easy-to-use, automated process for investing in alternatives with your IRA savings.

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Madison Trust Company logo

Madison Trust Company

Madison Trust Company is a full service Self-Directed IRA custodian which enables investors to purchase alternative assets.

New Direction Trust logo

New Direction Trust

New Direction Trust company empowers retirement investing by providing access to real estate, farmland investments and more.

RocketDollar logo


Rocket Dollar’s goal is to empower American’s to unlock their retirement funds to invest in more than stocks and bonds.

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The Entrust Group logo

The Entrust Group

The Entrust Group is trusted by thousands of investors, who want to guide their retirement investments their way.

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NuView Trust logo

NuView Trust

Premier, regulated Self-Directed IRA Custodian for alternative investments such as real estate and farmland.

Equity Trust Company logo

Equity Trust Company

Equity Trust Company is a leading custodian of self-directed IRAs and has been helping investors since 1974.

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Let’s Grow Together

FarmTogether is looking for partners who align with our values and are ready to contribute to our mission of bringing investment-grade farmland direct ownership to investors.

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