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Access high-quality farmland to provide your clients with a range of portfolio solutions that meet their unique financial goals.

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FarmTogether provides your clients with access to high-quality farmland opportunities across the U.S. With an unwavering commitment to our disciplined and conservative investment philosophy, less than 1% of all deals that enter our pipeline are eventually offered to our investors.

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  • $185M+


  • 6 Years
    Since inception
  • 45+
    Properties Managed

Why Advisors Choose FarmTogether

  • Access to High-Quality Farmland

    We invest in high-quality agricultural land with strong water availability and proximity to operating partners.

  • Sustainable Investing Opportunities

    We offer a unique opportunity for investors who consider sustainability factors when deploying capital.

  • Customizable Investment Structures

    We offer a high level of customization and flexibility to meet a range of investment objectives.

  • Experienced Asset Management Team

    Our team has experience at top institutional farmland firms, demonstrated by $1.4B+ in capital deployed².

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FarmTogether is a member of Leading Harvest, an innovative nonprofit organization and industry leader in sustainability. FarmTogether’s agricultural operations have been certified as in conformance with the Leading Harvest Farmland Management Standard. Please see our Certification Documents.

Certification Documents

Reassess Your Clients’ Portfolio Allocation

Global advisors are adapting their investment approaches amidst today’s changing market. Historically, farmland has been uncorrelated to conventional assets and broader market indices while delivering higher risk-adjusted returns.

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Correlation Across Major Asset Classes 1992 - 2023

Data are based on annual total returns from January 1, 1992 through December 31, 2023.

Sources: Privately Held U.S. Farmland - NCREIF Farmland Index; Stocks - S&P 500 Total Return Index; Bonds - Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Index; Privately Held U.S. Commercial Real Estate - NCREIF Real Estate Index; Publicly Traded U.S. REITs - FTSE Nareit U.S. Real Estate Index. Indexes are unmanaged and unavailable for direct investment.

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Stay ahead of key industry trends with FarmTogether’s comprehensive resource center. Leverage and utilize our market insights to develop a deeper understanding of this asset class.

FarmTogether Bespoke hazelnut property in Oregon.

“In today’s uncertain economy, investors across the board are focusing on resilient portfolio construction, seeking alternative assets that are less exposed to market beta. FarmTogether is committed to providing a range of portfolio solutions for farmland opportunities that can deliver alpha.”


David Chan

Chief Client Officer & Founding Team Member


    • FarmTogether offers a diverse set of investment solutions that provide financial advisors and wealth managers with multiple avenues to access high-quality farmland.

      The FarmTogether Sustainable Fund, launched in 2022, was designed with advisors and their clients’ needs in mind. The Fund provides investors with access to a diversified portfolio of farmland via a single allocation. Additionally, we have Crowdfunded offerings, sole ownership Bespoke offerings, and Tenancy in Common (TIC) offerings. 

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    • Despite being one of the oldest asset classes, farmland has remained underrepresented in investors’ portfolios due to the fragmentation of land ownership, high capital requirements, and unique knowledge and experience to underwrite properties. FarmTogether offers a diverse set of investment solutions to help overcome these barriers to entry and enable greater accessibility to advisors. 

      Farmland investments have an attractive track record of uncorrelated returns with low stability relative to competing assets. 

      The value of farmland is not solely reliant on market sentiment or economic conditions, meaning farmland returns have been historically uncorrelated to conventional assets, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and short-term agricultural commodity prices, as well as broader market indices. Since 1992, farmland has experienced net positive growth each year, averaging 10.52% in total annual returns. This performance has outpaced real estate (7.84%), equities (10.07%), bonds (4.67%), and REITs (9.21%). 

      Moreover, farmland returns have experienced historically less volatility. Between 1992 and 2023, the NCREIF Farmland Index had a standard deviation of 6.61%; in comparison, the volatility of the S&P 500 was 17.71%.

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    • Farmland can be a suitable allocation for various investment objectives, whether your clients are looking to diversify from traditional investments, such as equities and fixed income, or those who wish to reallocate capital from other real asset strategies.

      Farmland has historically been a defensive and resilient asset, delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns throughout the economic cycle, and even during inflationary periods. Farmland’s return profile is twofold: appreciation of the land and cash flow from either rental income or crop income. 

      Due to its historically attractive appreciation and income potential, a farmland strategy can be beneficial for both short- and long-term strategies.

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    • As traditional portfolios continue to be tested by uncertain macroeconomic and geopolitical conditions, as well as persistent inflation, farmland may offer investors counter-cyclical exposure and downside protection for their portfolios.

      The value of farmland is not solely reliant on market sentiment or economic conditions; rather, its value is influenced by a combination of agricultural-specific factors, such as crop prices, changing consumption habits, and long-term supply and demand dynamics. As a result, farmland returns have historically exhibited a low correlation with other asset classes, offering welcome diversification. Moreover, farmland’s historically low volatility can help provide overall stability, even during adverse market conditions. 

      Farmland is a historically attractive asset that can help advisors diversify their clients’ portfolios and optimize returns.

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