Sustainable Farmland Fund

Diversified portfolio of high-quality sustainable farmland, including exposure to permanent and row crops in prime growing regions of the country, via a single allocation.
Evergreen Fund Structure
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What Does the FarmTogether Sustainable Farmland Fund Offer You?

  • Diversified Portfolio of High-Quality Farmland
    Starting at $100,000, access a diversified portfolio of US farmland, including exposure to permanent and row crops in prime growing regions of the country.
  • A Durable, Low Correlation Asset Class To Insulate Against Market Volatility
    Not only has farmland been traditionally uncorrelated to many assets, it also has a history of being uncorrelated to economic cycles and broad market conditions.
  • Attractive Annual Dual Cash Flow From Farm Operations & Lease
    Annual cash flow from both operations of the farm and cash rent from leases, positioning investors to capture upside from both sale of commodities and stable rent.
  • Investment With Meaningful Impact on Long-Term Sustainability
    FarmTogether’s management practices are audited and verified sustainable against the Leading Harvest Farmland Management Standard on an annual basis.
  • Target Commodities
    • Tree Nuts 50%
    • Tree Fruit 25%
    • Citrus 15%
    • Row Crops 10%
  • Target Geographics
    • CA 40%
    • OR 20%
    • WA & Upper Midwest 30%
    • AZ & OK 10%

Diversified Portfolio Through A Single Allocation

We are providing investors with access to a diversified portfolio of farmland via a single allocation. Our firm is focused on ensuring the portfolio is composed of high-quality assets that have been vetted by rigorous due diligence and are managed by an expert investment team with experience at some of the largest and most innovative institutional funds.

What Makes The FarmTogether Fund Unique?

  • Farmland Sourced By Expert Team With $1.2B+ of Collective Capital Deployed.

  • Unparalleled access to high-quality farmland assets vetted by rigorous, institutional due diligence and active asset management.

  • Next generation investing: simplified, secure, and streamlined digital access with low fees.

  • Portfolio built around partnerships with best-in-class operators know for high-quality, consistently productive farmland.

  • Income-generating alternative investment portfolio providing access to the once inaccessible.

Executive Summary

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As we navigate a particularly turbulent macro environment in 2022, we have seen US Farmland perform well during this period, even outperforming other real assets. We are living through a period that demonstrates just how resilient and attractive farmland can be.

David Chan
CCO & Founding Team Member

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