Knights Landing Almond Orchard

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    Knights Landing Almond Orchard is an attractive property consisting of 113 contiguous acres, 100.5 of which were planted with Independence Almonds in early 2020. Independence Almonds are an excellent self-fertile variety with various agronomic advantages, including one-pass harvesting and condensed timelines for pollination and fruit development that allow growers to efficiently plan and execute sprays, irrigations, and harvesting operations. The orchard is planted at a modern density of 152 trees per acre and will be fully mature by 2025

    Located roughly 30 miles northwest of Sacramento in northern California, Knights Landing Almond Orchard has abundant water resources, including two groundwater wells and appropriative surface water rights to the Sacramento River; the property is situated within 1 mile of river frontage. Combined, the water sources on this property yield an average supply that safely exceeds the orchard’s water demand, and the abundance of water is an important positive influence on the land’s long-term productivity.

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