Daybreak Organic Pear & Apple Orchard

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    Daybreak Organic Pear & Apple Orchard is an excellent opportunity to invest in 81 net acres of tree fruit managed by one of the nation’s premier fruit growers.

    Located along the mighty Columbia River in eastern Washington State, near the city of Chelan, this project will be a partial redevelopment of a long-established orchard with a rich history of outstanding production. Currently, 58% of the orchard is planted to D’Anjou and Bartlett pears, while the remaining 42% is planted to a mix of Piñata® (aka. Pinova) and SweeTango® apples.

    The SweeTango® apple planting is new, whereas the Piñata® apple planting is at the end of its productive life and will be removed and redeveloped in 2023 to high-density Bartlett pears. Both Bartlett and D’Anjou pears are among the most well-established varieties grown in the United States, and enjoy strong markets both in the US and abroad with additional upside in the organic segment. SweeTango® is a managed apple variety that Stemilt holds exclusive rights to grow and market in the US, and that enjoys a strong consumer following nationwide, regularly commanding a premium price in both conventional and organic sales.

    The resulting breakdown will be 86% pears and 14% apples. The orchard will be fully mature by 2028 and fully Certified Organic by 2029, with everything but the latest Bartlett pear planting reaching Certified Organic status by 2025.

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