Brody Hazelnut Orchard

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    This investment opportunity is in Benton County, Oregon, and is a 100% hazelnut development. Our partner, Raptor, executed a lease with the current owner, with a one-year term, in September 2019, with a purchase option through September 2020. Raptor will purchase the land and then straight away sell it to FarmTogether investors at the exact same price. FarmTogether will buy the land and pay for the hazelnut development. Raptor will have a 40-year lease of the property with most of the lease payment fixed (93% of cash yield) and a small crop revenue share (7% of cash yield). The lease escalates at 1% a year. In year 10 the land with the attached lease will be sold, either to Raptor or 3rd parties. Given the attractive nature of the land, the lease, and the location, we expect the sale price and process to be quite favourable.
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